We are PantherHackers, a student-lead technology club at Georgia State University. We provide a technological playground for students interested in technology and innovation. We host a variety of events, workshops, hackathons, and weekly interest group meetings. PantherHackers is committed to advancing student learning and promoting inter-club unity at Georgia State.

This semester PantherHackers is focusing on: Robotics, CyberSecurity, Women in Technology, Coding Interview Prep, IOS Development, Ecologocial Startups, and planning our Hackathon.

Under Construction

Thanks for checking us out! School is just starting and we are still ironing out dates and times for events and meetings. Information about the CETL hardware grant will be rolling out soon. Keep checking back for more information.

Our History

PantherHackers started at a Mircosoft hackathon held in July 2015. Several Georgia State students were invited to this hackathon. The original founders came together to form and team and compete; while they did not win, they decided to try to bring that hackathon experience back to Georgia State. After realizing that nothing like that experience existed, the original founders decided to create a formal club to try and address the gap. During the first year, PantherHackers focused on reaching out to more students and participating in other hackathons around the region. PantherHackers began to make a name for themselves when they began winning hackathons. In 2015, PantherHackers hosted it's first hackathon CEOHacks. This would start a tradition of PantherHackers hosting boutique-style hackathons. Smaller hackathons that are geared toward introducing students to hackathons and preparing them for larger hackathon events.

During 2016-2019, PantherHackers would go on to grow to over 400 members and host several hackathons including a joint hackathon with TechSquare Labs and a youth hackathon with CEHD. In addition to hackathons, PantherHackers would expand into game jams participating in the Global Game Jam in Jan 2017. A partnership with LaunchGSU and StateFarm would develop during this time. PantherHackers would go on to volunteer and assist with starting HackGSU, the largest bi-annual hackathon at Georgia State. PantherHackers would go through many revamps and revisions during this time. Currently, PantherHackers is focusing on expanding its offerings to students interested in technology and helping students learn and create more outside the classroom.

Our Core Values

PantherHackers provides different things for every student. For some, PantherHackers is a social group to meet like-minded individuals. For others, PantherHackers is a learning environment, a place for them to go to practice and gain new skills; and to others, PantherHackers just gives out pizza. Regardless of how PantherHackers serves, it's members we have three core values: hacking, making, and learning.


It's in the name, PantherHackers loves hacking. Whether it's in a defensive way using white-hat techniques or hacking together homework solutions; Pantherhackers is about trying new things and finding a solution that works and then breaking that solution.


We do more than just break things, a large portion of our time is spent making things. We make robots, drones, software, prosthetics, games, etc. We are always on the lookout for new projects and ideas.


We are a student organization; therefore, learning is integral to our mission. We focus on learning by doing. Our members gain new skills through our interest groups, projects, workshops, and hackathons.

Our Team

PantherHackers is always evolving and growing. As the interests of the members change, students are brought in, and the team grows. On the other hand, students graduate and move on to better opportunities. Our team is always in flux, and that's how we like it.

Taylor McNeil
Cheif Executive Officer & CTCI Instructor
Ryan Walden
Chief Technical Officer & Robotics Instructor
Fabian Kim
Chief Operations Officer & Hackathon Coordinater
Devang Patel
Chief Financial Officer

Serena Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer
Nate Thompson
IOS Instuctor
Mia Stroud
CyberSecurity Instructor
Sana Rehmani
Pantheress Instructor